Ars Materialis (the Latin translation for "The Art of the Materials"), is a small, freelance Chemical Company located in Austin, Texas. The Company is providing Consulting Services and Research and Development Projects in the broad area of Materials Science and Engineering, with a focus on Solid State Chemistry.

The Consulting Services are highly specialized and target the Research and Development stages for Chemical Formulations and Engineered Materials within the general Product Development Process of Advanced Functional Materials. 


Ars Materialis is undertaking Client Projects of all sizes, difficulty levels and time spans, and offers in return the highest quality Consulting Services and Research and Development Strategies on the subject. The targeted Clients for such Projects are Start Up Companies which often encounter time and resource consuming roadblocks.  

Ars Materialis is actively seeking potential Investors interested in the Research and Development of Proprietary Projects targeting Applications of Materials in multiple Advanced Functional Materials Areas (see the complete listing in the Areas of Expertise section). 

General Info

Ars Materialis Consulting Services And R&D Projects For Materials Science And Engineering