Ars Materialis offers expertise in the following Areas of Advanced Functional Materials:

  • Nanomaterials Design and Technology
  • Electronic and Magnetic Materials Design
  • Batteries (all types) Components Design
  • Fuel Cells (all types) Components Design
  • Supercapacitors (all types) Components Design
  • Heterogeneous Catalysis Materials Design
  • Thin Film Technology
  • Photovoltaic Materials Design
  • Inorganic-Organic Novel Composite Materials
  • Polymer Materials and Composites Design and Technology
  • Sol-Gel Chemistry
  • Ceramic Materials Design and Technology
  • Glasses Design and Technology
  • Macro-, Meso- and Microporous Materials Design and Technology
  • Zeolites Design and Technology
  • Solid Lubricants Design and Technology
  • ​Chemical Sensors Materials Design
  • Corrosion Protection

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Advanced Functional Materials Areas of Expertise